New Year, New Inspiration!

After a much needed Holiday, it’s time to jump back in!  With the New Year comes new focus, exciting goals, and a chance to start fresh.  It’s important to set intentions, find your inspiration and dream BIG!


As a constant dreamer, I typically start out with a yearly horoscope.   Oddly enough, TheLoft.com has an amazing link that’s creepily spot on.  Intriguing and fun to indulge in at the very least!  (With an added bonus of insane after-Christmas sales!)


Then the search begins!  It helps to pull, pin, and tear out those images, products, colors and themes that make you swoon!  If you’ve never seen someone SO enthralled with pretty fabrics and unique spaces, you’ve never met a designer!


Cheers to 2018 & happy searching!

Katie Stix




Note: None of these images are our own.