Nashville Lifestyles – The Suite Life – August 2013

Nashville Lifestyles, 2013 – Erin Byers Murray


The team at Anderson Design Studio, led by principal Kathy Anderson, has undertaken any number of high-profile projects, but perhaps none more exclusive than the Presidential Suites inside the Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center. In 2011, they were tasked with gutting and remodeling five suites on the sixth floor of the resort, including the two-bedroom Garden Suite, a 2,500-square foot space that radiates both warmth and wow factor.


“They wanted that high-end residential feel, so we gave it some heart, but also kept it edgy and sexy,”

says Anderson, whose team sourced many elements, from the lamps to the artwork, from Nashville vendors.


Here, Anderson designer Emily Lister breaks down how to recreate this look at home.

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This glamorous space boasts metallic and sparkling finishes and lighting with soft inviting textures.





The dark and light hues contrast each other in the cream floors and charcoal walls, while accents of turquoise and fuchsia playfully pop throughout the space.”





This floor plan is both functional and dynamic in design, making it perfect for entertaining.     

Emily Lister, Anderson Design Studio



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