Markets Insider – Kathy Anderson Designs RCA Studio A, March 2017

Interior Designer to the Stars, Kathy Anderson, takes on Nashville’s most Iconic Recording Studio, RCA Studio A 

Natalie Creel, Dead Horse Branding

Historic RCA Studio A in Nashville, TN is getting a $500,000 facelift by Nashville’s very own Kathy Anderson, that will transport everyone who steps inside straight back to the vibes of the 1960s, when the studio was in its heyday and recording iconic Artists’ such as Dolly Parton, Willie Nelson and Nancy Sinatra.

Nashville’s go to A-List interior designer, Kathy Anderson, was called upon by Aubrey Preston and The Studio A Preservation Partners to undertake the retro-style renovation of the complex, which includes offices, a small recording studio and co-work space, leaving the main recording studio side of the Music Row building untouched.

“What we’re talking about is paying homage to the environment that Chet [Atkins] and Owen [Bradley] envisioned when they built this, and when they worked here,” Preston said. “We chose Kathy to design this iconic Music Row studio because of her authentic design quality. She is known for bringing out the intimate details in her projects and this is exactly what Studio A needed due to its rich history.”   

Preston continues, “Kathy is looking for pieces that match the vibe of the building in the 1960s. Large photos showing the covers of the albums that have been recorded there will line the walls throughout the building.”


Kathy has been designing Nashville for nearly 30 years and has taken on several quintessential projects around the city, such as The Grand Ole Opry House. Anderson shared her thoughts on this new, iconic endeavor she is excited to conquer alongside her Design Director, Katie Stix,

I feel very honored to have been asked to design this legendary music row studio and also feel huge sense of responsibility. I have always loved the deep musical roots that make up the foundation of Nashville and to be able to have a hand in revitalizing this important part of the city’s, and music industry’s, history is incredible. Finding pieces that fit the retro 60’s vibe is also so much fun!


In 2014, the building was purchased by a developer who planned to demolish the facility in order to build condos. But Preston stepped in to save the studio. Ben Folds, who managed the studio for 14 years, handed the keys of the studio operations over to Nashville producer Dave Cobb. Cobb has since produced top Country and Americana Artists at RCA Studio A, such as Chris Stapleton and Jason Isbell.

“I’m really blown away how Kathy was able to make RCA Studio A look completely timeless. The room feels like it fits right in to 1968 as well as the present, which is not an easy task to do… while at the same time she was able to make it extremely comfortable!” said Cobb.

Clay Bradley, son of Jerry Bradley and grandson of Owen Bradley, is looking forward to the renovation and what the revitalization of the studio means to his family and Music City,

“The energy and passion to restore the offices is great for Music Row. My father spent over 30 years taking care of leaky roofs, backed up pipes, fire damage and the slow elevator. I know he is excited to see the building that Owen, Harold and Chet built get a facelift.”


With all of the new construction going up around the “small” big town we know as Music City, it is exciting that such a detailed, well thought out and brilliantly executed renovation of an iconic music industry facility such as RCA Studio A is taking place. The design couldn’t be in better hands than of those who have been designing and shaping Nashville for the past three decades, Kathy Anderson of Anderson Design Studio.


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