Houzz – June 2013 “City View: Nashville Design Finds Its Rhythm”

Houzz – June 2013 “City View: Nashville Design Finds Its Rhythm”


Styles are evolving from pure traditional in this world-famous Southern city, but history and culture remain points of pride.


Nashville may be known as the country music capital and “The Athens of the South,” but designers there want to make it clear that you cannot pigeonhole Nashville’s style. While the city has a wealth of beautiful traditional homes and embraces the classical (it does have a full-size Parthenon in the middle of Centennial Park, for gosh sake), it also keeps up with the times. “Nashville is such a diverse city, and that is exactly what makes it so much fun to live and design in,” says Lisa Hutson of Nashville Interior Design Group.


The city’s rapid growth over the past 20 years has brought an influx of new residents from around the world, a revitalized city core, professional football and hockey teams and a beautiful skyline that is always changing. “I think Nashville is in a transition stage architecturally … as it continues to grow, its art and architecture scene is becoming more progressive and more representative of the current time,” says architect Ryan Thewes.


The bottom line: Nashville design encompasses a wide range of styles, but what they all have in common is that their warmth extends Southern hospitality with welcoming style. Check out Nashville’s diverse range of styles and see if the way they’re mixing things up strikes a chord for you.

Tradition Is Getting More Modern All the Time

Interior designer Kippie Leland’s family has seen Nashville move from ultratraditional to transitional to contemporary firsthand. “My father claims that decades ago when he first started in the antique and interior design business, that to sell an antique it had to be English, brown and traditional,” she says.


Again, mixing and old and new is a big part of this livable elegance. “While there are still people that cherish and love their English antiques, much has changed … interiors today run much more to the transitional style, incorporating some antiques with sleek, new contemporary pieces.”



“Our clients want color palettes that are lighter and fresher these days,” Leland says. A good example is this master bathroom, where a beautiful aqua and copper botanical wallpaper pops against crisp white fixtures.



Southern hospitality is still alive and well in Nashville no matter what the style. “The design industry can lean very edgy and progressive, but our spaces always have a warmth that reflects the friendly and welcoming spirit of the people of Nashville,” says interior designer Kathy Anderson of The Anderson Design Studio. Warm wood, stone, lighting and comfortable upholstered furniture find their place in Nashville’s contemporary decor.



“While design in Nashville can be new and fun and young, it does have a respect for the past,” Anderson says. For instance, traditional furniture mixes comfortably with bright turquoise walls and contemporary art in this room.




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