Your Go-To List for Holiday Gift Ideas!

 We know the struggle of holiday shopping. Not everyone makes a list of everything they want… but we’re here to help!

We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite Eightmood items on Houzz that will make perfect holiday gifts. We’ll be continuing to update it as the holidays grow closer so that you never run out of ideas! (-;   Click here to see the detailed list on Houzz, or keep scrolling for an overview!



Milano Bowl & Matera Salad Servers

Thinking of a gift for a host/hostess in your life? Try pairing the Milano Bowl with the golden Matera Salad Servers to make a cute gift set!



Notting Hill Cushion

Cushions from Eightmood’s Life collection are soft and cozy. We love the woven, knitted texture of the Notting Hill pillow and the warmth it brings to a room!



Lovely Beach Scented Candle

Pure is Eightmood’s new collection of scents in 8 unique moods, but only a few retailers have access to them. Luckily, we’ve secured and stocked the Lovely Beach scent on our online shop. Perfect for a gift exchange or as a stocking stuffer!



Brunch Cutting Board

Brunch Cutting Board, Brown, 14.4"x 0.8"
The Brunch Cutting Board is multi-purpose and a classic! Serves as a cheese board, brunch platter, chopping surface, etc. You don’t have to store this gem away when it’s not in use — it’s a great statement piece for any kitchen!



Florian Cushion

Florian Cushion, Black/Gold, 20"x20"
The Florian Cushion is a fan favorite. It’s glamorous, elegant, and velvety to the touch. Dress up any piece of furniture with the Florian Cushion for a luxurious look.



Mongolian Sheep Fur Blanket

The Fuyu Mongolian Sheep Fur blankets to go with our pillows, of course! Throw ’em over a chair or wrap up in them. They look good, feel good, and bring some major warmth!



Best Friends Laundry Basket

Best Friends Laundry Basket, Multicolored and White, 14.8"x20.8"
We love the dreamy, woodland vibe of this children’s Best Friends Laundry Basket! It’s almost too cute to throw dirty clothes in….



Mongolian Sheep Fur Cushion

Y’all, the Fuyu Mongolian Sheep Fur Cushions are so fun and we can’t get enough of them. Soft, fluffy, lux… what’s not to like?



Glass Flora Vase

Flora Vase Glass, Clear, 10"x 9"
 The Flora Vase is perfect for showcasing decorative plants. Alternatively, it’s lovely on its own as a statement piece!