Fearless Collections: Build Your Art Collection on Any Budget


Buying art can seem like an intimidating and daunting process, but, with the right approach, you can build a collection on any budget.  Whether you’re just not sure what to buy, how much to pay, or where to purchase, Paige has provided some super helpful tips on finding that perfect piece!




Whether it comes from an art gallery or a yard sale, if it makes you happy, you’ll love displaying it in your home. I’ve found some of the most interesting pieces from antique stores, estate sales, and consignment stores. I stand by my cheap art, it’s interesting and always a conversation piece!





When I need a change in my space, the first thing I do is switch up my art. I’ll rearrange my pieces in to interesting pairings for a fresh look. I love hanging art of different sizes and textures for a juxtaposed, laid back feel.




When I search for art, I usually don’t have a specific style or color scheme in mind. With an open mind, I can spot something unique I might’ve looked over. Don’t over think too much and trust your gut!




Re-framing art can totally transform a piece. If you find a print you like, but it’s housed in a dated frame, don’t fret. Buying a new frame can be an economical solution and instantly revive art.





There’s something fulfilling about supporting local business, and art is no different. Check out your city’s emerging artists and art scene you’re bound to find something special. (Nashville has tons of Art Crawl events, plus most provide free booze!)


Speaking of local artists, we at Anderson Design Studio really love the work of Todd Greene. Check out some of his work below, then head over to Galerie Tangerine to see more of his pieces in person!


A Harmony That Remains (Lain York)
A Harmony That Remains (Myles Maillie)
Todd’s work at Galerie Tangerine


Happy Art Hunting!


Paige Roberts



*If you are interested in any of the pieces show in this post, feel free to contact us at info@andersondesignstudio.com or visit our showroom in Downtown Nashville!