Baby Bliss- Nursery Design

Expecting a child is an exciting yet overwhelming mix of emotions!  With my first babe due in June, I’ve had a blast creating a calm, cozy and creative space for her to eat, play and hopefully SLEEP!

There are so many elements to think about, and especially with the first it can be a guessing game of what works best for you.  Here a few tips I’ve learned throughout the nesting process:


As in all areas of life and design, it’s helpful to determine which items are worth the extra bucks and which are not. I believe a nice quality rocker / glider is money well spent.  Spring for a high quality, performance fabric that holds up against spills, drips and drool (I hear there’s a lot!)!  Comfort and function are top priorities and just think, you can always use this chair in a family room long after the baby days.


Wallpaper is an easy, fun way to add texture, depth, pattern and interest to any space.  There are so many amazing prints that add personality to the room.  This wall mural from www.anthropologie.com reflects our whimsical side.  You discover something new every time you look!  Just an accent wall has a huge impact without the added $$!

Here are some additional FUN wallpaper options.. that won’t break the BANK.


With a new human comes a plethora of STUFF.

Easy access bookshelves are great to keep items at an arm’s length without the risk of waking.

Baskets are perfect for storing blankets, stuffed animals and toys.  Easy to grab and easy to clean up!

Diaper Genie – I have yet to see if they work, but the idea of containing the “mess” seems well worth a shot.


Apparently, they grow fast… so think long term. 

A. Convertible cribs – transitions from crib, to toddler bed, to twin bed.  One piece of furniture can go a long way.

B. Dresser with removable changing pad – once the diaper phase is done, simply remove the changing pad and you have a functional dresser for they’re ever changing clothes.  Go with a classic modern look and it’ll last for years to come.

C. Neutral Basics – If you’re planning on having multiple kiddos, it’s wise to buy a few gender-neutral items.  Just in case the second is the opposite sex.  (I didn’t necessarily take my own advice on this one… with a GIRL on the way, the temptation for PINK is strong!)

 To anyone expecting, GOOD LUCK and have FUN!

LOVE, Katie