Ormond Cushion


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Ormond Cushion by Eightmood — from Kathy’s Country Mood collection.
Color: Anthracite
Size: 20″ x 20″
Material: 62% Polyester / 38% Viscose
Dry Clean | No Bleach | No Tumbling


HERITAGE | Drawing influence from ancient cultures, our HERITAGE  concept brings the past into the future. The setting is a bright, airy, modernist or contemporary interior. The neutral palette of white, black, brown and varying shades of metal like greys may be classic, however HERITAGE is anything but.
The generous use of accessories in  silk and satin inspired textiles adorned with opulent sequins, rhinestones and metallic foil, creates an atmosphere of drama and minimalist opulence.
Nature themes take on an otherworldly quality as snakeskin prints and serpent motifs are evocative of ancient symbols  from Greek, Roman and Norse legends. 
Angel wings and branches are gilded in gold, silver and pewter finishes, imbuing decorative objects with an omen like quality, while leaves embellished in gold and the armour-inspired surfaces of statement pieces reference great empires.
Tactile surfaces and material combinations add texture and depth, as well as a soft edge to this warrior spirit.