Greta Cushion


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Greta Cushion by Eightmood — part of Kathy’s Country Mood collection.
Color: Dark Taupe
Material: 50% Goat Skin, 50% Polyester
Size: 16 x 16″
Dry clean.


LIFE | Scandinavian and Japanese design shares a wealth of similarities.  An appreciation for calm and simplicity and a reverence for nature define both cultures aesthetically and informs the main theme of our LIFE concept. 
Cold, frosty shades of glacial grey, dark indigo and black conjure up images of the brutality of Nordic winters, while browns, forest green, dark purple and sage offer a reminder that even in a world in hibernation,  there is still life. Jute, leather and fur is ripped, woven, fringed knitted  and dyed, imbuing textiles with texture and depth.
The rusticity of woven  leather rugs and tip-dyed long-haired sheepskin reference our primitive  need for warmth. In contrast, there is a softer, more refined, even playful  side to LIFE. The austerity of stone, cast iron, oxidized brass and galvanized metal decorative elements is offset by the warmth of terracotta and ceramics.
Botanical and bonsai silhouettes and retro Scandinavian animal  designs reminiscent of childhood are reinvented in a grown up style, while  retaining elements of naivety and playfulness. Soft furnishings are embellished with felt appliqué and traditional Japanese Sashiki embroidery, for a  handmade, crafts feel.